Are lady cats still queens if they haven’t had kittens – well duh.

The tortie is Silmarillion, or Silly.
She is sitting in my kid's lap, assisting her with her calculus.
She sits on Sarah as long as Sarah will sit.
Which is okay, except when Silmi  sees ghosts — periodically she bolts from a sound sleep and flees, leaving behind four kitty-paws' worth of puncture wounds.
Other than that she is a gentle, velvet-pawed kitty, and almost painfully loving.

And Henrietta, the perfect, who is Queen of the universe.
She is fifteen, and sadly beginning to slow down a little in this last year.
She's stopped using the tree and upstairs window to come and go.
And she's stopped trying to kill Motley.
But she seems as happy as ever, and is eating well, so I'm just working to pamper her as much as possible.

I've taken it as a challenge.
Baby food.
Cheddar cheese.
Heat reflecting catbed.
Catnip toy (yellow, in picture).
Fresh catnip.
Any other thoughts, peeps?

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10 responses to this post.

  1. What about a tiny, tiny tiara?
    A photo op on CO (she's so beautiful!)
    Our kitteh never like brushing – but then she was a freak. I think lots of snorgles and brushings for Henrietta: anything to get those purrs running!


  2. Recreational brushing is allowed.It's only if you start having some kind of human-based agenda that she objects.So I'm off to make sure the top of her head is groomed.


  3. Awww, snuggles to the kitty ladies. It sounds like you're really pampering Queen Henrietta – I have no other suggestions. Except to give her a lot of snuggles when she wants, which I'm sure you do anyway.


  4. Ohmygoodness, how pretty!Mouse is a certified, licensed Homework Cat as well… when I was living at home my brother and I would do homework in the living room, and Mouse was kept busy vacillating between my calculus and his geography. Her favorite methods of Homework Catting include:- sitting on the book, on the page where we're reading- chewing on the pencil- playing with the pencil- sitting on the page where we're writing- chewing on the edges of the textbooks.Now that I'm in college, my brother has full-time Homework Cat duty. It's a tough position to have, but from what I hear he's doing a good job of it.


  5. heh-heh…I had to smile at Sabba's Homework Cat techniques…too funny!My Wembley employs the same finely-tuned skills when she's helping me with any kind of paperwork. Kittehs are so *versatile* and *helpful* aren't they? &:o)lauowolf — your kitties are both *beautiful*! They both look very loved & very happy! It sounds like you're very tuned-in to Henrietta's possible needs. I think that as time goes along, she'll let you know what she needs. She's very lucky to have peeps who take such wonderful care of her. &:o)


  6. Your girls are so lovely.


  7. They're very shweet. My girlie died at 19 yrs old. She walked very slowly, but was eating fine. I told her I would be her feets and ears (she was deef as a doornail…) for as long as she wanted.I had a deep emotional connection to her and could tell what she wanted just by looking at her. Treasure and coddle Henrietta in every way possible.


  8. Sabba–Silmi is more indirect in her approach.Her usual tactic is to insert herself between the homework and Sarah, and then gradually unwind.There's also the occasional tunneling move, where she insists there is a more inner spot she could get into by burrowing. Sometimes accompanied by claws.And, of course, there is the conversation and purring to help the student concentrate.Jaypo-I know what you mean about a connection with a cat.Henrietta mostly just walks into a room and *looks* or *stands* and gets what she wants.If she has to actually raise her voice, well, then we're all in trouble, and she's very disappointed in us.


  9. What lovely girls!


  10. Both of my cats are indoor girls and when they do get out, it's a happy accident as far as they are concerned. Since your older one isn't making as many outdoor visits as she'd like, she might enjoy Kat Grass. Mine love it.
    Silly reminds me of my dearly departed Sheba. Beautiful kitties!


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