A little of this, a litle of that

I taught me to cook.
When I was in fifth grade my mother officially quit.
My dad had an irregular schedule, my older sisters had afterschool stuff.
One day she fixed dinner and no one came, and that was it.

I spent a year eating scrambled eggs, tuna sandwiches, and canned soup.
Then I started reading cookbooks.
It was exciting to be able to follow directions and make all kinds of things.
Then I made Duck a l'Orange, but discovered, after hours of preparation, that I didn't like Duck a l'Orange.
Which was, of course, the next step — to be able to "read" a recipe beforehand, and tell what it would be.
(Petit Fours were another flop, though the icing never quite unglopped.)

Now it's all more your basic whole grain, veggie stuff
(Adele Davis X Frances Moore Lappe X Laurel's Kitchen X Alice Waters)
With guilty pleasure take-outs, of course.

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