The boycats and their pet..

These are da boys, Motley is the seemingly dapper guy in the tux, and Wolfgang is the one dripping off the front of the chair Poor Wolfie has a hard time with the concept that soft places have edges, and relies on the kindness of others to keep from sliding off things.

This is an instant snorgle shot.
Because sometimes you just need a good cat belly.

And this

demonstrates how Motley got his name.

Some fancy cats have a chinchilla fur effect, where the tips of the fur is a different color.
Striking and lovely on your basic super-long-furred kitty.

Motley is an un-fancy example of the same thing on a short hair.
His black coat shows through to a pale undercoat.
Looks like a bad dye job.

Now I have to go find some pictures of the lady cats.

But first,

this is a nifty thing.
This is their sibling, my kid, playing a French flute handmade in 1819 out of rock crystal.
We stumbled upon a flute collector while looking for her next flute, and she got to play a bunch of old instruments.

This one was softer than a modern flute, and sounded very sweet to me.
'Way out of our price range, alas.

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