Don’t take it personally

So I’m not good at selecting just one.
The Alice video is just because I love it.

The live is because we were there and it was a great show — though whoever shot this was much closer than we were.

But the Greek is a lovely place to see a show.
You perch on the grass and look out over the bay as the sun sets and the stars come out.
And then you freeze as the fog starts to roll in.


10 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, yeah, I like that Alice video. I generally like more 'alternative' style music but I still really like Tom Petty, he has endured.


  2. Hey, Lauowolf, how long are you going to be a question mark head?


  3. I like the question mark head.It's, like, deep…(I'll think about it.)


  4. I can totally relate to the Question Mark Head. I live in one every day.


  5. OMG—I didn't even see Redzilla's comment about QMH when I posted my other comment about it…holy moley…I am way too tuned in to Vox …


  6. There, better?


  7. YES! except your head's on backwards!


  8. Hahaha, a Vox language is developing! Stay tuned sociologists!


  9. It'll be a name to describe someone who isn't quite committed to Vox, or who's just an occasional visitor. "Oh, her, she's a QMH."


  10. I like that.Though I miss it a bit.I'll have to keep fiddling around with the avatar-thingy.


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