Call home what’s-your-face

Most famous movie I've never seen?

That's hard, because I've missed great hunks of movie times.
So I think I'll go with least likely to have not seen: E.T.

I see even really, really lame sci fi, but I can't manage to watch this.
I generally have a hard time with Spielberg anyway.

What we're watching now?
The kid is sleeping in, so it's quiet.

Last night, finished up Return of the King, then Miss Congeniality, and Riding in Cars with Boys.
I'd picked out King Kong (new and old), but the kid objected.
("what is it with all these epics? My brain isn't working.")
So apparently light fever = light comedy.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. You have GOT to be kidding!! No E.T.??? Send me your address! I'll contact the elves at Netflix and have it sent to you STAT!


  2. Awwww, he has a fever? I hope he feels better soon!!


  3. It is she of the flute.We both are in the throes of a hideous flu.You cycle through fever/chill at about half-hour intervals for a week.With earache, while seasick.Ick, ick, ick.MC2Okay, I'll stick it on my Netflix, along with 400 Blows.I can't promise that I'll watch them, but I'll try it again.(I dunno, Some movies you put on and the next thing you know you're in folding the laundry…


  4. Ick ick ick is right. Both of you get better soon!As for movies…there are very few that I watch that I am not up folding laundry, wandering the house fussing with plants, feeding fish…I am a hopelessly bad home movie watcher.


  5. Drives my husband mad.When he watches a movie, he sits there and watches itOdd.


  6. get well soon!!I'm also one of the wandering movie-watcher types. Unless I have a kitty on my lap, in which case I'm obliged to stay still.


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