My furry housemates, first try


So these are my attempts to portray my cats.
(I have real pictures of them, but I'm still figuring out how to get the camera to play nicely with the computer.)

The first one is Queen Henrietta, Mistress of the Universe.
She is a fifteen year-old kitten.
She is completely perfect and I am her mother.

This one is Wolfgang Amadeus Pusscat, The Siamese Pimpernell. (Wolfie)
"They seek him here, they seek him there. Those Frenchies seek him everywhere."
We don't know why the French are after him, but they are.
They'll never get him because he is very, very smart and careful.
He's a rescued feral, and only coddles with us on the bed or living room floor.
Otherwise he doesn't know us (it could be a trick — you can't be too careful.)

This is Motley.
He was mysteriously sick, and so got fixed late.
He thinks he is a Tomcat, but he is really a puffball.
He has more weird chirrupy noises than any other cat I've known.
Doesn't say meow, though.

This is Silmarilion, known as Silmi, or Silly (or Slimy).
We inherited her.
She is a tortie.
She will sit on you. Now, damn it.
Ohn and she drools.

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9 responses to this post.

  1. And they were all nicely lined up as I wrote. Now you'll just have to figure it out.I'm going to go try to figure out the camera again.It downloads pictures, but where is it putting them? Where? Why won't it tell me?


  2. LOVE that name! Wolfgang Amadeus Pussycat, or WAP !! Like Wap…he slapped the ball across the room.


  3. Or as in Does widdle puss want a wap?Maybe this explains why he's so shy, because he is an earnest cat.


  4. I love how your cat is named Silmarillion. That's a super badass Tolkienesque name! I have the book. (yay geeks!)


  5. Well she arrived named Sammie, and my kid just refused to have a cat named Sam.And she isn't a Sam.But she is shiny.And Silmi, Sammie, it seemed close enough not to confuse her.


  6. lauowolf – You are lovely. I could read your comments all day.


  7. Ooo, this is good, lauowolf….first of all, I love your name…I love wolves and my name is Lauri. Secondly, I love Mozart…and thirdly….I love J.R.R. Tolkien …..Ummm…fourthly…I love your comments on CO.Ok….back to the Superbowl…..woooo……………*dwindles into the distance*


  8. tuxie! tortie! yay!


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