Well yeee haw.

Well yeee haw.
Now I've done it,
I've finally done it.
Flashes of Charlton Heston on the beach.
But it's not really that bad.

So here it is.
My very first, official very own blogging on my very own blog.
Guess I have to turn in my Luddite League badge at last.
— Or can I wait until I get the new DVD set-up programmed so I don't need three (THREE) remotes to work it?
It is always something.

I have a conflicted relationship with technology, in any case.
I started out working on campus using UNIX in, like 1980.
But mostly I've always only just learned enough to do what I needed to do, without really understanding things.
And, damn, here I am, twenty-odd years later, still carefully standing just behind the learning curve.
Le Sigh.

So, why doesn't Vox like Safari?
I dunno.
Why should I have to have another browser?
Well, why not.
The more the merrier.
At least I don't still have OS9 and OS10 on the laptop.

Anyway, I have been contemplating technology lately.
I was cleaning house (ha) and unearthed a slide rule.
No, this says nothing about my housekeeping skills.
It was sensibly and neatly packed in with the art supplies.
Anyway, I was thinking about slide rules, and correcting selectric typewriters.
And I'm sure there are lots of other examples.
These things are little pinnacles of technology that solve a problem beautifully, only to have the whole issue resolved differently.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Are slide rules guidelines for playing the slide guitar?
    Just thought I'd ask.


  2. Ah ha.You must be a post-calculator baby.Probably one could pin this down to within a two or three year period….Once upon a time, a very long time ago, people taking…um..trigonometry — didn't have calculators for figuring out logarithms and such.What people had instead were slide rules. For me, this would have been maybe 9th grade in about 1966.Slide rules were made from carefully constructed strips of wood, each with a slightly different numerical scale on it, that slide relative to each other.You line up the points on the scales that you need, and then find the answer someplace else.Hey, it's been a long time, and I ended up in Comp. Lit.If you know how to read it it tells you products and roots and things.Engineers used to carry them about and display them obsessively.


  3. I think Aub is just a punning machine.Oh, and you have to have a new browser because Firefox is better than Safari. Or at least, Vox assures me this is so…


  4. But why won't they just let me toddle along with my old browser, even if there is a better one around.I mean, I drive an '86 Volvo.


  5. They're forcing you to creep just a leeeeetle up that learning curve.


  6. Oh yeah?Well I can drag my feet with the best of them.Heck, better than the best of them.If they don't watch it I'll go find my old phone modem, no the *old* old modem, the one you dialed up and sat the phone receiver on top of.I'll show them how slowly someone can creep.(I then can hook it up to my Osborne portable, from the garage. Or better my North Star — it had a box made of wood.)Hmmm. I wonder if any of that stuff could be caused to go on-line ever again…


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