that was fun.



Well, one is before, and one is after, but I have no idea which is which.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. LOL! Before and after what?


  2. Sabba stole my question! lol


  3. If I knew that, I'd know the order…Coffee? Well maybe.Or,Medicating the cat?Moving all the videotapes?Trying to install Word 2001 on OSX?It's been fun around here lately.


  4. Lol! Funny!
    A Mac! You have a Mac????


  5. Bottom one: before a day at the spa, top one = after. 🙂


  6. CP – Sounds like a great idea. Think I'd settle for kicking the flu.Solitary – Yes, it's my birthday-Christmas-and all present. I wuvs it. My old computer pitched fits regularly. We still have it.In fact I was just over getting it to agree to let my daughter go on line. Took me half an hour, it's working again for now, but I don't know how I fixed it which really isn't reassuring.


  7. Oh… I wubbed my macs! I still use them at work but for home I have a PC. In all the years I've worked with macs, if you added up every second of trouble, it would not equal 1/4 the trouble I've had with this PC and it's only a year old!
    Congrats on a great christmas present! … and I'll cross my fingers for your old PC.


  8. LO-EFFIN-L. Medicating the cat, oh my aching sides!pre-post coffee is also legit. 😀


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