P.S. What I’m watching

P.S. What I'm watching:
(Home sick with the flu.)

Galaxy Quest — Because it's comforting.

The Time Machine — Stoopid pointless remake, carefully edited to remove anti-war themes. But pretty.

King Arthur — I've watched it twice and I still can't tell what's going on. I need the bots for this one.

Law and Order — The head-leaning guy out-psychs the bad guys again. Gad, he's annoying.

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3 responses to this post.

  1. yikes! sorry about the flu. but you are doing the best thing, watching movies.I really like Galaxy Quest. "comforting" is a good way to describe it.havent' seen the others, and which L&O? the one with Vincent D'Onofrio? if so, that one is cool, but yeah, somewhat repetitive.hope you feel better soon!


  2. Feel better soon. No need to know what's going on in King Arthur, just ogle Clive Owen.


  3. Yeah, plenty to ogle.It's just me and the kid both have the icky-fever-chills-fever flu, and we're not tracking too well.So every so often she'd ask what was happening.Or even who was who.And we're both clueless.Nice and green though.


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